Alliance Dynamics

Our Services

Partnership Formation


We ensure our client's partnerships do not fail before they start by helping our clients determine if partnering is the right strategy, find the right partner, and negotiate a win-win relationship.

Partnership Implementation


As alliance practitioners, we know the cause of partnership headaches, so we help our clients avoid them by minimizing their ‘collaboration tax’ thru optimal communication, governance, and engagements...both internally and externally.

Partnership Transformation


Organizations may want to fast forward their partnership to the next level, pause it, keep playing as is, or downgrade.  We help our clients ensure they pick the path that produces the most value for them and their customers.

Partnership Management


We understand that some of our clients may not have the bandwidth or resources to manage their partnerships.  We collaborate with our clients to supplement their organization as Partner Managers while building out the capabilities.

Multi-Level Assessments


Want to check the health of your organization's partnering capability? Or maybe the health of a key partnership?  Whatever the case may be, we can provide the necessary diagnostic assessment to ensure your partnering capabilities and partnerships are driving value to you, your partners, and your customers.  

ISO 44001 - Readiness


ISO 44001 was released in 2017 and is the first international standard on business collaboration.  For organizations who understand the benefits and the competitive advantage of certifying to international standards, we can help your organization prepare for certification.

Our Approach

Using a collaborative approach, we leverage best practices, international standards, and our experience to help identify the best options forward.  

Whether you want us to lead, support, or simply advise, we will collaborate with you accordingly.  We are flexible and will work with you in determining the optimal, win-win fee structure whether it be deliverable-based, retainer-based, or hourly-based.