Our Services

  • Helping organizations determine that partnering is the right strategy, the right partner has been selected, and the right alliance structure has been defined.
  • Minimizing an organization’s ‘collaboration tax’ by optimizing engagements, communication and governance with their alliance partner through the use of metrics and health checks.
  • Ensuring that an organization’s transformation plan and activities are in the best interest of the organization and the customer.
  • Provide a general (or tailored) on-site or virtual training for your team so that they will have the necessary foundation and tools to capture value from alliances
  • Supplement your organization as the Alliance Owner while building out the capabilities within the organization
  • Provide recommendations and conduct assessments that are in the interests of the alliance.

Our Approach

 Using a collaborative approach, we leverage best practices, international standards, and our experience to help identify the best options forward.  

Whether you want us to lead, support, or simply advise, we will collaborate with you accordingly.   We are flexible and will work with you in determining the optimal, win-win fee structure whether it be deliverable-based, retainer-based, or hourly-based.

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